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Red Riding Hood Bakery is a new concept bakery offering premium cakes made from imported high quality ingredients, straight from the USA. The innovative bakery brings wow factor to your special occasions and after-meal desserts with their spectacular cakes and baked goods. The bakery, which also offers a cozy seating area to enjoy coffee and cake slices in-house, was inspired by the fine quality and truly delectable cakes that are available in Europe. The Riding Hood Bakery is proud to introduce a superior level of quality, taste and texture in their unique and exclusive desserts and savories.


It all happened sitting around the corner of Fontana di Trevi (Rome), when this couple was enjoying a luscious torte and each bite made them think of bringing the same taste back home. The passion for a bakery which would lead its own tale was always there with Ali Rush, Owner and head chef of The Riding Hood Bakery, but it was just not realized until then.

With the spirit of building a strong brand with limited funds was a big challenge, but as time passed The Riding Hood Bakery gained its hard earned respect. Its is actually an honor when people ask us if RH is a franchise. Well its not less than any franchise, RH management and staff are lead by Bushra Ali, Co Founder, and strict rules are being followed in order for the RH to evolve as a friendly, approachable & responsive brand. Thanks to our valued customers, in just about a year’s time The Riding Hood Bakery has grown to 4 locations.
The Red Riding Hood Bakery is the only bakery which melts original branded chocolates for layering and coating on each of our cakes. That's where are quality and difference comes from, and that's what our customers love about us.

The Riding Hood Bakery is not only famous for its chocolate cakes but also birthday and wedding cakes. We put every effort in accomplishing the right details for getting the finesse that is expected from us. We give a great thought to your special celebration and occasion as the cake may be made many times but that moment doesn't come back.


Red Riding Hood Bakery offers many exciting and unique cakes and pastries which are exclusive to the bakery and are sure to impress the most discerning pastry connoisseur. The bakery is famous for its two most popular cakes; the Ferrero Rocher Cake and the Hershey's Kisses Cake which are both available in regular and tall sizes. Riding Hood’s cup cakes have created a stir for their richness and unique variety. Enjoy cupcakes of fluffy frosting swirls crowned over perfectly baked vanilla and fudgy chocolate cake. The Cookie Monster & Elmo are fun and delectable surprises for cup cake lovers of all ages. In addition, the chocolate and vanilla creams have 0% transfats since they are made with vegetable products and soy milk.

The Bakery offers 16 different cakes, all made from imported ingredients. The Ferrero Rocher is a tall cake with fudgy moist layers filled with almonds, cream and topped with your favorite Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. The dippy soft moist sponge makes the bite even more scrumptious. The Hershey’s Kisses Cake and Raffaello Cake are the new arrivals on the menu and are comprised of a soft moist sponge made from two cake bases, layered with dark chocolate whipped cream and grated hard chocolate, a final top coat of dark chocolate ganache, and last but not the least, crowned with everyone's favorite Hershey’s Kisses.

For those who crave dark chocolate flavor, the Hard Chocolate Carpet Cake is a real treat. Thick chocolate carpet rolled out over a a triple fudge chocolate layered dome, coated to perfection with creamy chocolate frosting. A sleek and elegant cake for any special occasion.

The bakery also offers savories which include Hot Pockets, extra meaty Chicken Patties and Smoked Beef Puff Rolls. Although Riding Hood is a bakery, there is also a cafe-style seating area for those who love to chat and enjoy an authentic Italian coffee with savories or a slice of cake.

To maintain a hygienic environment, from cleaners to chefs, everyone wears proper working kits. Face masks and hand gloves are compulsory for the kitchen staff, while hand gloves are compulsory for the serving staff who are also trained in fire drills and first aid activities.


Riding Hood Bakery is Ali Rush’s brainchild. Ali and his wife, Bushra understand the need for quick coffee bakery cafes, therefore, they coupled their idea of opening a bakery where one can also sit and enjoy a quick cup of coffee and a slice of cake over a chat. A young and passionate couple, driven by taste and quality, was eager to bring their experiences and ideas to Pakistan. The owner, Ali, also owns a creative agency, is an award winning graphic specialist, rock star, director, photographer and loves to bake too.

Riding Hood Bakery started with love and you will find many reasons to fall in love once you visit the bakery.

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Red Riding Hood Bakery
6-C, Main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer (Next to Meezan Bank)
Phase 5, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92) 0300-219-7053, 0301-822-1933

Shop 9. 8 KCHS Union
Behar Muslim Society
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-489-3636. 0300-219-7053

Main 26th Street
Shop 3C. Next to Haji's Super Market
Main 26th Street, Phase 5, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 0340-864-4708, 0301-822-1933, 0300-219-7053
For Pizza Delivery: (92-322) I-WANT-RH

Cuisine: Bakes Goods & Savory Snacks
Official Website: www.theridinghood.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedRidingHoodBakery
E-mail: Orders@theridinghood.com


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Business Hours: 11am-12am DAILY
Cuisine: Pizzas, Cakes, Pastries, Cupcakes & Savories. A few favorites include: : 



New Ferrero Rocher Cake


Classic Ferrero Rocher Cake


Chocolate Malt Cake


Black Forest Cake


New York Cheese Cake


Ferrero Cheese Cake


Mars Cake


Snickers Cake


Kit Kat Cake


After Eight Cake


Raffaello Cake


Twix Cake


Hot Pizza Pockets


Baked Samosa


Chicken Patties


Italian Thin Crust Pizzas: Crostino (appetizer pizza), Naples (3 cheese pizza), Roma (Beef / Chicken Pepperoni), Mexicana (Smoked Chicken), Pesto (Chicken)


3-D Cakes & Specialty Cakes

Modern Amenities: Wi-Fi

Ambiance: Cozy, Contemporary & Relaxing

Special Services:
Custom made bakery items and cakes

Private Party Facilities:
Yes, please inquire within for more details

Corporate Facilities: Yes, discounts available on bulk orders.

Live Entertainment:
Live music shows periodically throughout the month. Please inquire within for the latest schedule.

Hi-Tea: Although no formal hi-tea is served, various hi-tea pastries, both sweet and savory are available throughout the day.

Catering: Available in Clifton & Defence for bulk orders.

Special Orders: 50% advance for booking a cake with same day collection.

Take-Away Orders: Yes

Delivery: Delivering to most areas of Karachi.

Reservations: Not required

Children Policy: Allowed

Parking: Plenty of street side parking is available

Accepts Credit Cards:
All major credit & debit cards accepted

Gift Certificates:
Available upon request

Smoking Policy: No smoking allowed

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Khadda Market Stadium/Chatkharay

What's New? Themed cake launches every month

What to Expect: A charming bakery and cafe that offers all types if high quality, exclusive and unique baked goods.



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