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 Entertainment & Recreation


Dreamworld Resort Hotel & Golf Course came into existence in 1996 with a diversified vision to provide both entertainment and social correspondence for its visitors. Located at a peaceful area adjacent to Gulshan-e-Maymar, off main Super Highway, Karachi. Sprawled over an area of 150 acres of land, it offers more than 160 facilities for its members and visitors. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


Actone Pakistan is a dance and fitness studio that offers all types of modern classes for entertainment, fitness and exercise in Pakistan. Our core belief is that Karachi needs more avenues for entertainment. Through Actone Pakistan, we strive to provide healthy entertainment for Karachi residents. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


BodyBeat is a modern dance and fitness studio offering various exciting classes to help you keep fit and have fun. As the pioneers of dance and fitness in Pakistan, BBRC is the first to introduce a range of dance genres and fitness classes all under one umbrella. With renowned choreographers, instructors and program directors, you're sure to learn the coolest moves and have fun while doing it. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


T2F, formerly “The Second Floor” is the first project of PeaceNiche. A community space for open dialogue, T2F provides citizens with a platform for social change through rich cultural activities, public discourse, and advocacy using progressive ideas and the new media. PeaceNiche, a not-for-profit NGO, registered under the Societies Act of 1860, is committed to becoming a vibrant centre of Pakistan’s developing civil society.


Arena family entertainment center, a project of Millennium Entertainment (Pvt.) Ltd. is not just a run of the mill amusement facility, but one of its kind and pioneer in the field of refined and sophisticated family entertainment and recreation. Arena also features the Power House Gymnasium, with a complete range of state-of-the-art imported exercise machines and The Jade Hall, the biggest covered pillar-less hall in Pakistan. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


The MAD School is a Music, Art and Dance institute as well as a performance venue which was inaugurated in 2009 with the inspiration to further Music Art & Dance education in Pakistan. MAD School aspires to encourage growth and development within Karachi's local artist community by providing arts education programs to children and young adults while facilitating in-house performances. The school is run by a team of fervent artists and musicians who are dedicated to helping students learn means of expression in fun and interactive ways. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


Entertainment News

Kalaam-e-Khusrau Ba Zabaan-e-Saamat: Qavvaali featuring the Saami Brothers on August 21st
Join us at T2F for a classical qavvaali performance, in remembrance of Hazrat Amir Khusrau, by the Saami Brothers. The Saami Brothers were trained in classical music and the art of qavvaali under the rigorous tutelage of Munshi Raziuddin Khan and their father, Ustad Naseeruddin Saami. Keeping the flame of the Qavvaal Baccha Gharana alive, the Saami Brothers are well versed in a number of languages, and weave various genres of eastern classical music beautifully into their qavvaali performances. Entry: Rs. 350. TAKE A TOUR OF T2F>

#Power Festival 2014 on August 9th at Karachi Art Council
Lussun Tv in collaboration with Empower The Future and Resettling the Indus bring an all day music/food festival featuring Indie/Rock/Metal Artists from Pakistan.
The show will showcase some of the most interesting acts from Pakistan as well as shed light on the many problems Pakistan faces as a country today and will pose solutions on how to solve them.

Ko Ko Korina, A Musical Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's on 21st, 22nd & 23rd August at PACC
Take a swinging trip back into the Karachi of the 1960's with 19 year old Koko as she maneuvers through life, love and music in the city by the sea! Inspired by Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's the play is a charity event and all the proceeds will be going to APWA and to The Relief Fund For IDPS. Directed by: Sarah Saifi & Mahnoor Fatima,Produced by: Sarah Saifi & Sana Naqvi Cast: Ali Iqbal, Mashal Khan , Ahmed Ali Rizvi ,Mehreen Rizvi, Mariam Masood
Noor Mian,Khalid Ibrahim Ahmed.Tickets will be available at Subway Shahbaz.
Please contact us for tickets : 0300-822-1748 .Ticket price: Rs. 1000.

Dance/Movement Therapy Workshop at Actone Pakistan
Dance/Movement therapy workshop by JOSH on 16& 17th August from 12pm till 5pm at Actone Pakistan. Please call 0312-700-7777 for details. VISIT ACTONE>

Dreamworld's EID Gala Dinner on August 9th
Dreamworld's EID Gala Dinner, a fabulous feast with 50+ mouth-watering dishes, Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Jalfrezi, Cheesy Pasta, Mango Chicken and many more. Join us & add loads of fun to your celebrations. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>

Zambeel Dramatic Readings presents Raaja Kay Do Seeng
Meet an arrogant Raaja who is punished by the wicked witch, a scheming Vazir whose plans go awry, a Barber who can’t keep a secret and a witch who sets out to teach everyone a lesson or two. Will the Raaja come out of this terrible mess? Will the Vazir save his neck during the Raaja’s birthday celebrations? Will Bubbun Hajjam manage to keep a heavily guarded royal secret?
This Sunday at The Second Floor (T2F): Zambeel Dramatic Readings present Raaja Kay Do Seeng, a children's story featuring foot-tappingly fun original music and laughter.
3rd August 2014 | 5:30 pm | Rs. 150.

Jashne Azadi at Dreamworld on August 14th
Don’t miss the biggest Independence Day celebration of Karachi. Let's make this Jashan-e-Azadi truly memorable and enjoy the flavor of Independence through lots of activities & festivities. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>

Alliance française de Karachi 's Open Mic Night
Alliance française de Karachi 's open mic night, the Freetime Rendez-vous (FTRV) is back !!! Anyone wishing to perform can contact the host Fareeha Tariq at 0332-371-9904 to book a performance slot. Come and perform or just show up to check out the amazing talent in Karachi..

Wedding Choreography by Bodybeat
BBRC brings the most fabulous Wedding Choreography Packages to help make all your wedding dreams come true. BodyBeat offers the perfect combination of Song Selection & Choreography, Senior & Assistant Wedding Choreographers, Personalized dance practices at your residence, Bride & Groom mehndi entries Props and Costumes, Stage Design & Setting and Performances by the BodyBeat Dance Troupe and much more.

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