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 Entertainment & Recreation


Dreamworld Resort Hotel & Golf Course came into existence in 1996 with a diversified vision to provide both entertainment and social correspondence for its visitors. Located at a peaceful area adjacent to Gulshan-e-Maymar, off main Super Highway, Karachi. Sprawled over an area of 150 acres of land, it offers more than 160 facilities for its members and visitors. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


Actone Pakistan is a dance and fitness studio that offers all types of modern classes for entertainment, fitness and exercise in Pakistan. Our core belief is that Karachi needs more avenues for entertainment. Through Actone Pakistan, we strive to provide healthy entertainment for Karachi residents. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


BodyBeat is a modern dance and fitness studio offering various exciting classes to help you keep fit and have fun. As the pioneers of dance and fitness in Pakistan, BBRC is the first to introduce a range of dance genres and fitness classes all under one umbrella. With renowned choreographers, instructors and program directors, you're sure to learn the coolest moves and have fun while doing it. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


T2F, formerly “The Second Floor” is the first project of PeaceNiche. A community space for open dialogue, T2F provides citizens with a platform for social change through rich cultural activities, public discourse, and advocacy using progressive ideas and the new media. PeaceNiche, a not-for-profit NGO, registered under the Societies Act of 1860, is committed to becoming a vibrant centre of Pakistan’s developing civil society.


Arena family entertainment center, a project of Millennium Entertainment (Pvt.) Ltd. is not just a run of the mill amusement facility, but one of its kind and pioneer in the field of refined and sophisticated family entertainment and recreation. Arena also features the Power House Gymnasium, with a complete range of state-of-the-art imported exercise machines and The Jade Hall, the biggest covered pillar-less hall in Pakistan. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


The MAD School is a Music, Art and Dance institute as well as a performance venue which was inaugurated in 2009 with the inspiration to further Music Art & Dance education in Pakistan. MAD School aspires to encourage growth and development within Karachi's local artist community by providing arts education programs to children and young adults while facilitating in-house performances. The school is run by a team of fervent artists and musicians who are dedicated to helping students learn means of expression in fun and interactive ways. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS>


Entertainment News

Sarah Sarhandi & Aamir Zaki: Live In Concert on April 27th at T2F
Sarah Sarhandi, a prominent British contemporary composer and virtuoso violist received a grant from Arts Council UK/British Council (Artists International Development Fund) in March this year for a collaborative composition in Pakistan with Aamir Zaki, the legendary Pakistani guitarist and composer.

Their concert at Peace Niche is the culmination of a three week intensive creative process in Karachi writing, recording and absorbing the influences of their environment and learning from each other.

Aamir is Sarah's host and guide in this complex and thrilling megacity. Sarah is experiencing and responding with fresh eyes and ears in the city she loves and is viscerally connected to - as multilayered and complex as London where she currently lives.

Together they take their audience on a new musical experience that has it's roots in ancient musical systems of East and West, is grounded in the present and looks with hope and excitement to the future.  Entry: Rs. 800 

Music Workshop: A Masterclass on Stage Presence & Performance on April 25th at T2F
With a diverse mix of producers and musicians becoming popular in recent years, the music industry seems to be representative of a wide array of people. However, the industry is lacking in an extremely important aspect: representation of female-identifying artists.

The music workshop conducted at T2F by international artists and comprising of vocalists, percussionists and bass guitarists with a background in jazz, theatre, TV and concerts hopes to address this by encouraging aspiring female musicians and giving them a masterclass on stage presence and performance. Although aimed at pulling in female musicians, this workshop is open for anyone who hopes to pursue a career in music. If you are interested in participating, please sign up by registering yourselves at our reception. .

Grand Karachi Carnival at Port Grand from March 21st through March 31st
This diversity is showcased at the ‘Grand Karachi Carnival 2015’ being held at the picturesque venue of Port Grand from March 21-30, 2015. This family extravaganza is a joint venture between BBCL and Port Grand.

This event is being launched during the week of World Happiness Day and promises to have countless reasons for the Karachiites to celebrate and enjoy, and create an occasion with lasting memories.
Visitors belonging to all walks of life will have a fabulous opportunity to be part of this first of its kind activity to spread Happiness & Hope.

Spread the happiness with
- Arts, Craft & Literature
- Carnival parades
- Cottage Market
- Diplomatic Enclave
- Jamming Deck
- Fashion Bliss
- Culture
- Food Fondas
- LIVE Concert
- NGO's Enclave
- Stars of Karachi
- Street Smart 

Explore Our World: Storytelling and a Treasure Hunt on January 23rd at Mohatta Palace
The Mohatta Palace Museum and ToffeeTV are inviting you to Storytelling, Songs and a Fun Treasure Hunt at the Mohatta Palace gardens this FRIDAY, January 23rd from 4-5pm! The gathering is meant for children aged 6 to 14 years! ToffeeTV Maps will also be on sale and the Museum will be open for viewing also! Entry is free. We request you to please be on time so we can begin the event punctually... CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>

Arabian Nights - Storytelling, Photography & Art Challenge! ToffeeTeller: Fawad Khan on January 17th 2015
The Mohatta Palace Museum and ToffeeTV are inviting you to Storytelling, Photography & an Art Challenge at the Mohatta Palace gardens this Saturday, January 17th from 4-5pm! The gathering is meant for children aged 6 and up! We've got our ToffeeTeller Fawad Khan acting out a Story from the Arabian Nights you won't forget! We're also calling out to young and eager artists to come and participate in our art challenge! Stay tuned for details! ToffeeTV Maps will also be on sale and the Museum will be open for viewing also! Entry is free. We request you to please be on time so we can begin the event punctually.. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>

The Craft of Breaking Conventions: Performance & Screenings featuring Fawzia Mirza on January 13th
Join us at T2F for an evening with Fawzia Mirza; an actor, writer, producer and storyteller from Los Angeles and Chicago. A lawyer turned performer, Fawzia Mirza’s work explores breaking down the myth of the ‘model minority’, spanning across race, religion, orientation and gender. Fawzia creates and writes web series, has produced documentaries, and has performed in many stage plays and short films in the US. Fawzia will perform an excerpt of her play “Me, My Mom & Sharmila Tagore” which revolves around her relationship with her mother told through the lens of their shared love of iconic Indian film star, Sharmila Tagore. The performance will be followed by screenings of her other short video works, including a spoof of a Fair & Lovely commercial.
Tuesday, 13th January 2015, at The Second Floor (T2F) at 7:00PM. Entry: Free .

Mövenpick Hotel Karachi introduces Qissa Khuwani Nights – Bazaar of Storytellers
Mövenpick Hotel Karachi introduces Qissa Khuwani Nights – Bazaar of Storytellers, inspired by the historic Qissa Khuwani Bazaar in Peshawar, where traders from various ethnicities used to discuss their stories over a cup of kava at the market’s tea houses. Qissa Khuwani means the “Bazaar of Storytellers”. The three-day event invites citizens to experience Pakistan’s early history. Join us and experience the authentic Peshawari food prepared by Peshawari Chefs served in a traditional ambiance including the elements of truck art, rickshaw, bonfire, dry fruits, cobbler and Peshawari tea, folk singers and musicians. For reservations please call 356 33 333 Ext. 4227 & 4252.

Body Talk! Movement workshop at T2F
Body Talk! Movement workshop. Jan 14, 22, & 25th. Registrations open: Tues - Sunday at t2f. An fun and experiential process to support the mind-body connection. Breath and skillful relaxation support the release of stress and tension in the body for more flexibility in perceptions and emotions...

The French Bazaar at Alliance Francaise on January 11th 2015
All Funds Raised at the French Bazaar 2015 will go towards funding Educational Scholarships in the name of our Martyred Children & the Head Mistress/ Teacher of the Peshawar School Tragedy. Venue: Alliance Francaise. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>

CAP Children's Carnival on January 11th 2015
Come join us at the Children’s Carnival to raise funds for CAP's education program in low-income schools!

Spend a day being transported into a fantasy world that will include acrobats, clowns, interactive activities, fun-filled children’s enclosures, games, food, and so much more. You don't want to miss this! Bring your grandparents and parents to a family adventure!

All proceeds from the Children’s Carnival will directly benefit CAP's government and low-income school programs. Tickets are Rs. 350 and children under 3 enter for free.

First Fridays: Open Mic Night at T2F
Join us at T2F on the first Friday of November 2014 for an open mic session featuring emerging talent. T2F’s First Fridays Open Mic is a platform for musicians, poets, and comedians to perform, improvise and experiment in an informal setting. Performers do not need to pre-register. Just show up with your voice, instruments, and props. Look for our host, Meriam Shabbir, who will put your name down on the list.Musicians get 15 minutes/3 songs and everyone else gets 10 minutes.Registration will commence at 6:45 pm and close at 8:00 pm. Entry is free. Donations are appreciated! . TAKE A TOUR OF T2F>

Writer's Workshop with Sarvat Hasinat T2F
Join us at T2F for a three day Writer's Workshop with Sarvat Hasin. This is an ideal course for young aspiring writers to hone in on their skills and introduce themselves to the world of Creative Writing. Dates: 20th December 2014 (6 - 7:30PM), 27th December 2014 (6 - 7:30PM) &
3rd January 2014 (6 - 8:00PM). Fee: Rs.3500. Registrations open till 20th December 2014 at T2F

Wedding Choreography by Bodybeat
BBRC brings the most fabulous Wedding Choreography Packages to help make all your wedding dreams come true. BodyBeat offers the perfect combination of Song Selection & Choreography, Senior & Assistant Wedding Choreographers, Personalized dance practices at your residence, Bride & Groom mehndi entries Props and Costumes, Stage Design & Setting and Performances by the BodyBeat Dance Troupe and much more.

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