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The year 2004 saw the start of the coffee revolution when Espresso became the city’s first espresso bar. Since then, the city has witnessed a cultural change where going for coffee or ‘doing’ coffee most often means meeting at an Espresso coffee house. Espresso serves its premium coffees in Karachi at four locations; the original espresso bar in Zamzama, the coffee house on Khayaban-e-Shahbaz , the Forum Mall and the Naheed Supermarket. One can now sample these premium coffees in Lahore as well at Espresso's new location on Mian Mahmood Kasuri Road in Gulberg III. All outlets offer seamless Wi-Fi.

The aroma of full bodied coffee and the taste of wholesome quality food served up in a chic and stylish space makes it an irresistible hangout. There is also the ESPRESSO privilege card that earns you rewards each time you visit any one of its coffee houses.


Espresso boasts a menu packed with mouth watering appetizers, a selection of sandwiches, wraps, pastas, paninis and divine desserts. We offer a sizeable range of teas, smoothies, hot & cold beverages and an array of coffees all created from the finest imported and local ingredients.


Jump start your day at Espresso, when the coffee machines start pulling espresso shots, enjoying the best breakfast and brunch one can get in Pakistan. Pop in all day to catch a bite, have a coffee or just meet up with friends till late at night. Open from 8:00 am till 1:00 am on weekdays and till 2:00 am on weekends, Espresso is here to serve you.

Although reservations are not entertained, the management prefers that parties larger than eight guests call ahead to inform the outlet management so that no one leaves disappointed. There is no doubt that Espresso is the preferred choice for people of all ages, making it the best coffee house in town.

Specialties include:




Mexican Pizza


Espresso Burger


Starter Platter








Smoked Salmon with Bagel & Cream Cheese


Smoked Turkey Club Sandwich


Grilled Chicken Panini with Caramelized Onions & Spinach


Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich


Waffles with Ice Cream & Maple Syrup


Mocha, Caramel & Hazelnut Frappe with Whipped Cream

And now try Pizza at Espresso Shahbaz. Choose from:




Smoked Chicken




Four Cheese






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Tel: 111-393-377 (Delivery)

10th Commercial Lane, Zamzama
Phase 5, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-582-4007; Home Delivery: 111-393-377
Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8am-1am | Friday & Saturday 8am-2am
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Main Zamzama Boulevard
Children & Family Polices: Children under 12 strictly not allowed after 7pm at Zamzama.

Main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Commercial Area
Phase 6, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-534-2725; Home Delivery: 111-393-377
Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8am-1am | Friday & Saturday 8am-2am
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Barclays Bank
Children & Family Polices: Children under 12 will be seated on the ground floor at Shahbaz after 7pm. In order to maintain a relaxed family restaurant atmosphere, parties of single males are not allowed after 7 pm.

Block 9, Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 3-530-1340
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-10pm | Saturday 10am-11pm | Sunday 12pm-11pm
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street:
 The Forum Shopping Mall

Ground Floor, Dolmen Mall
Clifton Scheme 3, Block 4
Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 3-529-4045, 3-529-4046; Home Delivery: 111-393-377
Business Hours: 10am-12am, Monday - Sunday
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street:
 Near Liberty Books

The Place,
Khayaban e Shaheen
Phase 8, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 3-524-9747 Home Delivery: 111-393-377
Business Hours: Weekdays 8am-1am | Weekends 8am-2am
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street:
 Nueplex Cinemas

Cuisine: Coffees, Desserts & International Cuisine
Official Website:
Facebook Group:

Menus: All Day Menu

Brunch & Breakfast: Full brunch & breakfast menu available all day, every day, except at the Forum branch.

Reservations: Reservations not required. However, Espresso appreciates if parties of 8 or more call ahead of time so they may arrange accordingly.
Take-Away Orders:
Yes, Sunday-Thursday 8am-1am | Friday & Saturday 8am-2am. Please call  3-534-7278, 0331-377-7370.
Special outdoor event coffee catering available upon prior notice.

Modern Amenities: Wi-Fi

Children & Family Polices: Children under 12 strictly not allowed after 7pm. In order to maintain a relaxed family restaurant atmosphere, we do not allow parties of single males after 7pm at the Shahbaz & Lahore branch.
Smoking: Cigars & pipes are strictly not allowed. Non-smoking section available at the Shahbaz and Lahore branch. The Forum branch is completely non-smoking. Non-smoking areas are not available at the Zamzama branch.

Credit Cards Accepted:
Yes (all major credit cards)
Gift Cards: Available
Espresso Privilege Card: Buy 5 coffee drinks and get the 6th one free. Just ask your server for the Espresso Privilege Card. For every 100 rupees you spend, you get 5 points. Each point is worth 1 rupee.

Other Locations: 
Espresso has two locations in Lahore, one in Gulberg & one in Mall of Lahore.
What's New? New items on the menu regularly, plus Espresso now delivers!

What to Expect: Friendly service, high quality food, drinks and pastries, a hygiene conscious staff and a trendy, energetic atmosphere.


Click the pink marker on the map for driving directions

View Espresso in a larger map



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