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BodyBeat is a modern dance and fitness studio offering various exciting classes to help you keep fit and have fun. As the pioneers of dance and fitness in Pakistan, BBRC is the first to introduce a range of dance genres and fitness classes all under one umbrella. With renowned choreographers, instructors and program directors, you're sure to learn the coolest moves and have fun while doing it.


BodyBeat is an entirely new kind of dance style set to the latest Hip Hop, Latin and Indian music with the craziest dance steps. It's also a great form of cardio work-out and is best suited for those who love to move. BodyBeat burns calories in less than 55 minutes plus increases your stamina and best of all; teaches you how to make a statement on the dance floor.


Hasan Rizvi is a renowned dance visionary, director & choreographer. He has been accredited to bring modern dance to Pakistan in addition to making it a fun exercise form.

Yamnah: A gifted creative enthusiast with a built-in workload absorbing mechanism, OCD about achieving perfection in her work, She is asset to the people she works around.

Sarang: A social scientist turned overseer, possessing the abilities to look into the future. Innovative problem solving skills and extremely thick skin.

Muznah Siddiqui: Creativity is the language she speaks for the BBRC. She knows how to communicate the message with the help of art. BBRC presents the image she creates for it.







Hasan Rizvi is a dance visionary; director and choreographer. He shot to instant fame by organizing the first Hip Hop and Bollywood dance tableau of Pakistan – Cinema Live – in which he displayed his directorial, acting and choreography skills. His credit listings also include performances in, and choreography of, Komal Rizvi’s Valentine’s day special song “TU BEH GAYA” (2015), Bridal Couture Week (2011-2014), Kalli Kalli, Lipton TVC, Warid Glow TVC (2013 & 2014), Komal Rizvi’s Comeback Video – Chahiye (June 2010), Samar Mehdi Fashion Show (April 2008) and HUM Tele Film Awards (December 2008), Nestle TVC (2009), Dance Couture (2008), Imaginations Unwrapped for LG & ElectroLux (2009), as well as a dance for television serial ‘Ishq Junoon Dewangi’ amongst others. However, he is most widely known for establishing and running the first Dance & Fitness studio of Pakistan – BodyBeat Recreational Center Studio. Hasan, was elected ‘Hip Hop Ambassador’ by the US department of State to represent Pakistan in 2010 which included 4 state performances in the United States..



As an experienced fitness trainer and model Wasif, helps to motivate individuals & groups to deliver top workouts in exercise, weight training, nutrition’s and other disciplines. He completed his fitness training certification in 2006 and worked with ARY from 2007 till 2010 on fitness based live program. He also participated in ARY's show Men in 2007 and ARY's morning show from 2008 to 2010. Wasif says, '' I don't just coach the fitness life style; I live it!""



Neil has been breaking dancing for several years and has also had the pleasure of performing for several established artists in the country. His most recent work was breaking in Komal Rizvi new comeback video Chahiye..



Health and fitness enthusiast, Dosti Zahra fell in love with Zumba while studying in America and she took her Zumba Basic training there. After becoming a Licensed Zumba Instructor, she has been teaching classes in Pakistan since 2012 and has expanded her fitness expertise by taking further international trainings in two more specialties, Zumba Toning and Zumba Step. She is one of the three licensed Zumba instructors in all of Pakistan and her classes offer a combination of things to keep her students having fun while staying fit.


A credible, effective and efficient aerobics instructor with over six years proven expertise in exercise programming and rehabilitation, fitness assessments, muscle testing and function, one-on-one training and group exercise sessions, health promotion work and occupational first aid. Starting her professional career at Shapes Fitness Club and soon expanding to Equinox and Slimmers Club now bringing her expertise exclusively to BBRC..



Leena Waheed: Graduated from RLAK College of Home Economics, She started yoga about 6 to 7 years ago for self-improvement. Yoga for her is an essential part of her life, to such an extent that from a student of yoga at the DHA Creek Club, She became the lead yoga instructor within 4 years of training. She later joined the Yogi Wajahat Institute to reinforce her foundations for the art of yoga. This was inclusive of Facial, Hatha (Beginners Yoga), Bikram (Hot Yoga) and Power Yoga.




BODYBEAT DANCE CLASS (couples & ladies only)

BodyBeat is an entirely new kind of dance style set to the latest Hip Hop and Indian music with the craziest dance steps. It's also a great form of cardio work-out and works best with those who love to move. BodyBeat burns calories in less than 55 minutes plus increases your stamina and best of all; teaches you how to make a statement on the dance floor.


AEROBICS (Ladies Only)

A fusion class oriented around, cardiovascular exercises, Pilates and yoga. Shahina Bilal's classes aim to lose those stubborn inches around the body. The class objective is to increase fitness, stamina, strength and flexibility..


CHAOS (Break Dancing Class)
Taught by the famous Break Dancing Choreographer Niel Uchong. Niel has the pleasure of working with established celebrities such as Farieh Altaf and Tapu Javery on several projects. Chaos consists of a short warm up, flexing and fitness and conditioning following by the dance routine that will blow your mind. This will help you tone your body, convert those flabs into abs and gain instant energy. Learn to dance with attitude and incorporate complex steps, stalls, flips and other stunts.

You don’t even know how to dance. Just move your body and follow the instructor’s lead as she teaches a fun and energetic class with a variety of songs, themed classes and various other elements. This class includes a combination of Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, and Zumba Step which target every single area of your body. r.

After conducting several extensive fitness programs for various corporates– including one conducted for Procter & Gamble Pakistan over the last 4 years, BBRC is finally opening the BODY MAKEOVER program to its members.
The BODY MAKEOVER program is for people who are aspiring to lose approximately 10 - 12 lbs over a period of 48 days. The package includes a complete diet plan (depending on your body type or objective i.e. Weight loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Gain, Toning, etc.) and a workout conducted 5 days a week (hourly session- inclusive of warm up, stretches and cool down)..
Dance like any other field requires training, discipline and technique. Hip Hop for kids is designed as an outlet for the younger youth of today. A healthy recreational outlet - which helps to de-stress and build on confidence by helping kids break out of their shell. Dance is the perfect medium of expression that cultivates interaction and encourages learning..


An ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. This program will help you to take control over your body and gives it an immunity to relax. Your connection with nature will be built up. There are three types of Yoga performed at BBRC. One is the basic Hatha Yoga. Second is the Hot Yoga done under warm atmosphere and third is the most advanced Power Yoga.

Disclaimer: Exercise is not without its risks and participation in this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury in your case, consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. The information presented on this form is for general information only and is in no way intended as a substitute for medical advice. BodyBeat disclaims any liability from and in connection with this program.

1st Floor, 42-C, 10th Street, Badar Commercial
Phase 5, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan
(92-21) 3-584-1243 | Cell: 0322-254-8636
Services: Dance & Fitness Classes
Official Website:
Facebook Group:
Snob Special:

Business Hours: 10am-10pm MONDAY-FRIDAY

Description: BodyBeat is an entirely new kind of dance workout set to the latest Indian,  Hip-Hop and Latin music with the craziest dance steps. It is a great form of cardio workout and works best with those who love to move. BodyBeat burns calories in less than 55 minutes plus increases your stamina and best of all; teaches you how to make a statement on the dance floor.

There are four parts to the session:

1. ‘Warm-Up’ 10 minutes
2. ‘The Routine’ 30 minutes
3. ‘Breaking a Sweat’ 10 minutes
4. ‘Cool off’ 5 minutes

Class Schedule & Programs: May 2015

NOTE: Please note BBRC reserved right of admission.
All the above mentioned cost are included of 16% GST.
Registration fee:Rs,1800 For one year

Aerobics Class (Ladies Only) (Ages 15-Above)
Program Director(s): Shahina Bilal
Class Level: N/A
Timings: Mondays Wednesdays & Friday 10:30am-11:30am
Monthly Session Fee: Monthly Session 3 days Fee: Rs 4,000 + tax

Zumba Fitness (Certified Trainer)
Program Director(s): Dosti Jafri
Class Level: Ages 15-Above
Timings: Mondays –Fridays 6:30pm-7:30pm & Saturday 4:00pm-5:00pm
Monthly Session:
4 weeks Session 3 days Fee: Rs 3,900 + Tax
4 weeks Session 4 days Fee: Rs 4,500 + Tax
4 weeks Session 5 days Fee: Rs 4,900 + Tax
4 weeks Session 6 days Fee: Rs 5,400 + Tax

Body Makeover
(High Intensity Weight Loss)

Program Director(s): Mohammed Wasif
Timings: Mondays - Fridays (7:30pm-8:30pm)
7 Weeks Session Fee: Rs 21,000 + Tax

HipHop Kids (Dance Class)
(Ages 8yrs – 15yrs)

Program Director(s): Heera
Timings: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays  4:00pm – 5:00pm
Monthly session Fee: Rs 4,000 + Tax

Yoga Class (Ladies only)
(Ages 15-Above)
Program Director(s): Leena Waheed
Timings: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 8:30pm-9:30pm
Monthly session Fee: Rs 5,000 + Tax

Chaos (Break Dancing Class)
Program Director: Neil Uchong
Class Level: (Ages 10-Above)
Timings: Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Monthly Session fee: Rs 4,000 + Tax

BodyBeat Dance Class (Bollywood, Bhangra & Hip Hop)
(Ages 16- above)

Program Director: Hasan Rizvi
Class Level: Intermediate & Beginners
Timings: Mondays & Wednesdays 8:30pm-9:30pm
Monthly Session Fee: Rs 4,000 + Tax

Careers: For inquires regarding Job Opportunities for Program Directors, Instructors and Assistants, please contact: (021) 3-584-1243.

Registration Fee:

Payments Accepted:

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: 26th Street / KFC

What's New:
Boot Camp, BodyBeat, Belly-Dancing, Hip Hop and Choreobics

View Our Video On YouTube
Naach by Hasan Rizvi




What can BodyBeat help you achieve?

BodyBeat gives you all the benefits and more of cardiovascular exercises, including burning calories. When the class moves into the 3rd phase, ‘Breaking a sweat,’ your heart rate will soar to new heights!

  • Now its fun to loose weight and get in shape! 

  • This dance style is also great for improving coordination, with an added advantage of body control.

  • BodyBeat will increase your love for dance and bring out the unique form of self-expression. 

  • Boost your stamina and release stress in a healthy constructive manner.

  • Bring in that level of confidence you.

Step by Step

Program Director Hasan Rizvi helps you learn how to make the best of your class and guides you through some key moves of BodyBeat. 

Do I need to be coordinated?

BodyBeat has simple choreography and there is plenty of time for you to learn each new move and routine. Your instructor will be there to direct you through the routines however; it is advised to bring an attitude with you.

How fit do you need to be to attend a class?

This class is designed for everyone who loves to dance but having a moderate level of fitness level will help you to get the most from the workout.

What should I bring to class?

Nothing! Although, you may wish to bring your own towel and drinking water if needed, and it’s best to wear shoes that will not slip or slide during complicated twists and turns. Again, do bring an attitude with you please; we encourage all our students to bring out their individual style in their footwork. 




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