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Skin care is our expertise. With our intimate understanding of your skin care needs and requirements, we promise to deliver results you can see and feel. Pondís Skin Center was launched as Pondís Institute in Karachi, the first of its kind in South Asia, after its success as the premiere expert skin care center for women in New York, Madrid and Tokyo. 

From a tiny home-made laboratory to todayís state of the art Research & Development facilities of the Pondís Institute, from New York, Madrid, Tokyo and Karachi, the Pondís promise has remained the same across 58 countries for over 150 years: to deliver beauty transformations through revolutionary product innovations that make a real difference to womenís skin and the way they live their lives.


Pondís Skin Center offers free walk-in skin consultations with our trained beauty advisors. We understand that each womanís skin is different and hence, we recommend only the best products for her unique skin care needs through a 2-step skin counseling session. You can avail skin consultation, personalized skin regime offerings and expert skin treatments, all under one roof. Experience the full range of our expert skin services including:

∑ Rejuvenating facials
∑ Relaxing massages
∑ Revitalizing therapies
∑ Nail care

As the voice of the brand, Pondís Skin Center is caring, welcoming and always going the extra mile to ensure that customers are delighted with their experience. We offer expert advice and treatments on all aspects of beauty through our Cosmetologist and trained beauty advisors who have complete knowledge about Pondís products and how they will meet customer needs.

Rediscover POND'S and experience the beauty of simple skin care.

Pondís was first introduced to the world in 1846, when pharmacist Theron T. Pond developed ĎPondís Extractsí, a witch hazel-based beauty product. It was the first step towards a true revolution in womenís beauty. The brandís role as a beauty innovator was further established in 1914 with the advent of Pondís Cold Cream, a product which became the staple of women everywhere. With its deep-cleansing benefits and the promise that ďPondís would change your lifeĒ, Pondís Cold Cream Cold Cream was the one beauty secret that women kept close to their hearts. In the 1950s, Pondís introduced the Ď7 Day Beauty Planí, the first beauty regime of its kind and a promise that still holds true today.


In 2008, Pondís took a new lease on life. Both inside and out, the Pondís Institute reinvented the Pondís range of products to further meet the needs of women. The beauty iconís global rebirth translates to a completely fresh, revolutionary range of face care products. It featured solutions for all skin types, breakthrough formulations, delicate perfumes, and attractive packaging.

The evolution of Pondís is a true reflection of the modern woman, who is confident, vibrantly happy, and dynamic. And in keeping with the times, Pondís provides products for every stage of a womanís life. From the classic cold cream, which was considered a cure-all way back in the day, Pondís now offers various platforms such as oil control and acne solution for young women on the cusp of romantic discovery; skin lightening for those in search of true love; as well as products that provide the best-proven anti-aging technology for those who wish to renew sparks and rekindle passions.


From just one man in a tiny home-made laboratory to state-of-the-art Research & Development facilities at the Pondís Institute today, the Pondís promise has remained the same across 58 countries for over 150 years: to deliver beauty transformations through revolutionary product innovations that make a real difference to womenís skin and the way they live their lives.

Pond's Skin Center
Dolmen City Mall
Shop No. F-55, First Floor
Block 4, Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan. 

(92-21) 3-529-3992/3/4/5
Services: Skin Clinic & Spa for Men & Women
Official Website:

Business Hours: 11am-10pm | Open Daily


Products: Pondís complete skin care range which includes Anti Aging, Whitening & Basic Cleansing Products. Toni & Guy products.

Services Include:




Pondís Age Miracle Facial


Hair Styling


Pondís Whitening Facial


Eye Treatments


Pondís Inhibit Dermalift Facial




Pondís Thermal Facial


Manicure & Hand Hydration 


Pondís Especially for You Facial 


Pedicure & Soft Feet


Pondís Detox Facial


Body Exfoliation


Pondís Aromatherapy Facial 


Hot Stone Massage


Vitamin C Facial


Bridal Package (with complimentary services)


Customized treatments specifically designed for unique skin types

Ambiance: Modern & Sleek

Holiday & Gift Packages: Special occasion service packages for Eid, the wedding season, Valentineís Day, Motherís Day and more.

Modern Amenities: Wi-Fi, iPad mini is available for browsing, state-of-the-art imported equipment for facials and massages and specialized skin-testing units for skin consultation.

Smoking: Smoking Strictly Prohibited

Accepts Credit Cards:
Yes, Visa and MasterCard

Gift Certificates: Yes

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Dolmen city Mall

Gift Certificates Available:

What to Expect:
Professional and personalized service that is consistent with Pond's international experience & a friendly attentive staff.


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