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The tongue tantalizing story of succulently grilled chicken in lemon and herb or Peri-Peri has become the hottest story in Pakistan. With 7 restaurants Nationwide divided in 4 restaurants in Karachi , 2 in Lahore and one in Islamabad, Nando’s has taken the country by storm since its arrival in 2001. This specialty flame grilled chicken restaurant has people addicted to the taste of Peri-Peri. Nando’s also recently celebrated its 10 years of perilicious existence and is a known and popular name in the restaurant industry.

One of the most often heard phrases to echo through the corridors of Nando’s is that Nando’s is not just about chicken. It’s never been just about chicken. It is about pride, passion, courage and integrity. The Nando’s restaurants have a very casual setting making it the place for a quick business lunch or lunch with friends or a place to take the family out. For those who like a little fire in their belly, Nando’s serves the best chicken with a touch of spice.


At Nando’s the experience is very personal and the staff at all three restaurants are committed to outstanding service. A great eating place is a place where people look forward to the experience, not just the food. And so, at the heart of Nando's is one absolute belief: We don't sell chicken. We sell experiences. Nando's pride may have arisen from a dream, but the product that comes from that pride is no dream at all. It has been said to be the eighth wonder of the world - the taste that dreams are made of, an experience like no other.

Nando’s in Pakistan belongs to the fast-casual category and is therefore different from any Fast food restaurant. Fast casual is all about “casual” settings to provide the customers with their food “fast”. Each restaurant has been uniquely designed and decorated which is a feature of fast casual restaurants. Nando’s is a place where people can feel very casual in the ambiance and in eating at Nando’s. It’s all about enjoying your chicken to the fullest.


The increasingly health conscious consumer worldwide is facing the problem of having to choose between the convenience of fast food or the importance of good nutrition, limited cholesterol and saturated fat intake. Not so at Nando’s… at Nando’s you will find yourself enjoying delicious food with a comparably low calorie intake. We understand that people have the need to eat at a home away from home and that’s the environment that you find at any of the Nando’s stores. In addition, hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurants are of utmost importance and a complete operating manual of audits and practices is in place as mandatory by the Franchisor to guarantee a healthful experience every time.

The secret ingredient used at Nando’s- the Bird’s Eye Chilli, peri-peri a fiery ingredient, with a blend of herbs and spices serves great many health benefits. Not only is it rich in vitamin C, it is an excellent purifying agent, provides a natural high by releasing endorphins and a tremendous source of vitamin A, folic acid and potassium. The secret marinade that gives Nando’s chicken its delicious flavor (marinated for 24hrs) is made from 100% natural ingredients as is our famous Peri-Peri, containing no preservatives. The chickens at Nando’s are the leanest chickens in town and with the flame grilling technique the chickens lose the rest of their fat during the grilling.


To break through the clutter, a brand with a serious attitude was established. It’s irreverent, cheeky, unpredictable and brave. It exposes the lighter side of life and the more sensitive and serious issues, always ensuring that communities can laugh at themselves and their imperfections. Whilst Nando’s advertising has always been a reflection of where a country’s at, it remains an escape from formality. A recent example is the hoardings in Karachi and Lahore.

The brand vision remains to be the best, not the biggest. The powerful people culture serves to be an integral component of the brand and will continue to be a powerful driver into the biggest and most competitive of all markets. If there's one thing proved at Nando's it's the force of a dream, a powerful vision executed with professionalism and panache. Despite their past successes, they know they've only just begun. The future begins with something new. Marketing at Nando’s will strive to find new ways to capture the hearts of customers, always remaining true to their basic beliefs.



Plot No. 31-D
Phase 6, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
UAN: (92-21) 111-626-367(NANDOS)

Main Boat Basin
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-586-8145, 3-586-8144
Home Delivery: 111-626-367(NANDOS)

D - 11, Block D,
North Nazimabad
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-663-9601
Home Delivery: 111-626-367(NANDOS)

Plot # 8, Block A, Sub Block - D
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-439-0451, 3-439-0452
Home Delivery: 111-626-367(NANDOS)


Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12pm-1am | Friday-Saturday 12pm-2am

Afro-Portuguese Style Peri-Peri Grilled Chicken. Specialties include: 



Peri-Peri Hummous with Toasted Pita Bread


Fire Flame Grilled Wings


Portuguese Salad with Warm Chicken Breast Strips


Signature Flame Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken


Chicken Burgers & Pitas


Espetada - Chicken Strips and Fresh Peppers on a bed of Spicy Rice


Cataplana - Peri-Peri Chicken Strips with Peppers & Tomatoes on Portuguese Rice

Products: Peri-Peri Sauce available for purchase at the restaurants

Modern Amenities:

Private Party Facilities:
Can be arranged on a case by case basis

Corporate Facilities:
Wi-Fi and white screen facility available for corporate lunches. Nando’s Boat basin second floor is often booked for half-day workshops, business meetings and small corporate ceremonies.

Private Dining Room: Although not available, separate areas in the restaurant can be reserved in advance.

Yes, Open-Mic Night sessions every fortnight at flagship restaurants. Please inquire within for details.

Preset Menus:
Can be arranged for parties, gatherings, meetings and business get-togethers.

Hi-Tea/Happy Hour: We have 4-7pm offers that are essentially Lean Hour hours with coffee and a basic menu to choose from. Deals starting at Rs. 275.

Catering: Yes. We have catered to celebrities and high profile guests at their homes and private premises for parties of 100-150. Please inquire within for your own special event.

Take-Away Orders:

Delivery: Yes, 111-NANDO’s Nationwide (111-626367)

Reservations: Not required, however booking for large groups can be made in advance if desired

Children Policy: Children are welcome. Special kids menu available as well as kids giveaways

Ambiance: Rustic, Contemporary & Friendly

Plenty of street side parking is available

Accepts Credit Cards:
Yes, Visa & MasterCard accepted

Gift Certificates:
Available upon request

Smoking Policy: Smoking and non-smoking areas are available

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: The Forum – Nando’s Clifton; Boat Basin round about and food street – Nando’s Clifton; Five star round about – North Nazimabad; SMCHS Round about – SMCHS


What to Expect: A casual international style eatery that specialized in Peri-Peri grilled chicken in a friendly atmosphere.



Click the pink marker on the map for driving directions.

View Nando's in a larger map

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