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Your wedding day is the culmination of endless preparations and yet in many instances the least importance is given to the most important keepsake of the wedding- the photographs. The beautiful wedding dress, the lovely bride, the joyous family and the handsome groom – will only remain a vivid memory in people’s minds if not captured in film.

At Kbridals, we are passionate about wedding photography and try to capture the essence and emotion which is unique to each wedding. Our photography is about beauty, love, fun, glamour, emotion, drama, the list could go on. Our aim is to provide you with totally unique images that are as individual as you and the day you have planned. Take a look at our wedding gallery and if you like our style of photography, please get in touch with us to arrange a meeting.


Our state of the art facilities in Defence, Karachi offer a wide array of backdrops, from regal Victorian to sophisticated chaise lounge settings, from romantic early 20th century brick walls to a fantasy world of fairy lights. Zainab, our design specialist, individually choreographs each setting keeping in mind your mood and personality to help create beautiful and striking images for you both to remember this once in a lifetime experience.


Our exceptional customer service separates us from others. We pride ourselves on the personalized attention that we give to every couple that books with us. Your initial meeting will be with either Kashif or Zainab where you will not only have a chance to go through our beautiful sample albums but can discuss any special requests that you may have for your wedding day in a relaxed and stress free environment. 

We like to get to know both of you before the final day so that you are completely relaxed and at ease with our studio and us. We will discuss in detail your requirements and preferences at this meeting and will answer any queries that you may have about the session. Feel free to let us know what type of pictures you like, whether you prefer crisp and sharp images or soft and dreamy ones or a mixture of both. We are interested to know your preference in music which we feel plays a vital role in creating the right mood and level of comfort at the photo shoot. We will also discuss which poses you are comfortable with to avoid any awkward moments at the final session.

We understand that the wedding and valima days are amongst the most stressful days of your lives. At KBridal Studio, we try and create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with familiar music in the background and your choice of nibbles to alleviate some of that stress. We aim to capture beautiful, fleeting expressions that give a true meaning to your relationship.

Your photography is one of the only investments that you will have something to show for once the wedding day is over. Let KBridals capture the emotion, beauty and meaningfulness of this most special day. We assure you that your session at K. Bridals will not just be a photo shoot; it will be an experience that you would cherish for the rest of your life. 


Kashif, the owner and main photographer at KBridals, has extensive experience not only in wedding photography but also in commercial and fashion photography. His work has been published in top fashion magazines, including She, Visage, Face On, Herald, Xpose, Mag, GT to name afew and has received rave reviews. He has worked with most of the top designers of the country including Nadya Mistry, Nadya James Abedi, Deepak Perwani, Muneeb Nawaz amongst others. Kashif has worked not only in Pakistan, but also in the UK with world renowned fashion photographer Bruce Smith. His creative imagery, obsessive attention to detail and expertise with the camera has helped produce inspired images which are truly worth a thousand words. 


At KBridal Studio, you have a choice of exquisite traditional style album elegance or contemporary, magazine style Album Prestige. Our Album Elegance is a more conventional style wedding album with mats overlaying the images giving it a classic look. Each leaf is individually designed by Zainab using elegant layouts that feature symmetry and simplicity to create a beautiful look. 

Stylish Album Prestige are modern looking albums where your images are printed directly onto a page and then bound in the form of a book. The book opens to reveal stunning wedding photographs pasted across the entire page. The cover is also specially designed incorporating an image of your wedding dress border to create a stunning yet timeless finish.


"WoW!! ... the moment anyone laid eyes on our wedding albums, couldn't help saying WOW! We always wanted pictures which reflected our true feelings for each other. As for anyone who has gone through the experience of getting married, is well aware of the stress and tension that a couple faces. However what we experienced was the most memorable time with these guys. The mood, environment and lighting brought out our true expressions. Kashif has a unique eye and style to bridal photography. Its definitely much more fresher than a lot of people in the market. The studio, developed by his wife Zainab, is well designed and equipped with the right kind and number of props to give a true and yet honest mood and character to these pictures. Creativity put in by both Kashif and Zainab in the pictures and albums made them exquisite and real.

Most importantly, we believe that the greatest asset they have is their own down to earth charm and friendliness that really speaks volumes about the way they make their clients comfortable in the session. We really enjoyed the photo shoots with Kashif and his wife and would highly recommend anyone to explore his vitality and camera sense that brings out the best in the couple in focus.
We would say the photos were indeed, WOW !! Well done guys and thank you once again." 
By Huma and Akbar Moghal

‘It was one special experience on the most special day of our lives. The wedding shoot was more formal and rich in colors gratifying the occasion. One of the best thing about both shoots (Wedding and Valima), which probably makes Kashif a unique photographer as well, is the fact that he gives you a friendly and a very casual environment. To us, the entire shoot was fun, filled with plenty of casual conversations, charismatic music in the background and the crunchy ‘SLIMS’ being served during the whole time. I would highly recommend this experience to all prospective grooms/brides to go for this amazing experience. The albums are unique and artistic using different designs of art work. The photos, most important of everything, with minimum artificial ‘conventional photo makeup’ (which I guess is not much appreciated these days), truly represent the magnitude of the occasion. The photos have been highly appraised by family, friends and relatives. I would say, Kashif is one of best upcoming young, enthusiastic, skilled professional in the country’.
By Dr Amber and Mansoor Ali.

K Bridals
Phase 2, D.H.A. 
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: 0312-527-4325 (0312-KBRIDAL), 0322-527-4325 (0322-KBRIDAL)
Services: Wedding Photography
Official Website:,
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Business Hours: 1pm to 8pm (By appointment only)

Services: Wedding Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Fashion/Glamour Portfolio Development, Family Portraiture

Modern Amenities: Wi-Fi

Plenty of parking available

Friendly, Relaxed and Informal

Payments Accepted:
Cash & Checks

Non-Smoking Areas:
Entire studio is non-smoking

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Defence Library

What to Expect:
A friendly and relaxing atmosphere where photographer, Kashif Rashid, makes you feel at home while capturing unique, natural and beautiful photographic memories.




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