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Fitness Factory specializes in the sales and service of high quality fitness machines and accessories. Having been in business for the last 10 years, you can expect a knowledgeable and mature staff who can give you the guidance and advice you require. Fitness Factory  takes pride in helping its customers select machines that are best suited for their requirements. The staff is well trained, helpful and courteous.

Large Selection for all Fitness Levels

At Fitness Factory, you will find a large selection of treadmills, cycles, and elliptical trainers, from beginner level to commercial quality machines. Now you can build your home gym with all of the top quality exercise machines you've been searching for, such as home gyms, exercise benches and abdominal machines. You can also find essential accessories including yoga & pilates mats, exercise balls, stretch bands, exercise gloves, punching bags, skipping ropes, dumbbells, barbells and much more.

Variety & Quality

Since Fitness Factory only sells branded fitness machines, you will find brands like Spirit and Steelflex in cardiovascular machines and BodySolid for home gyms and benches. These brands are internationally known for their quality and reliability. Most items are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

First-Class Customer Service

All fitness machines include a complete 6-month warranty. That means qualified technicians are on call to repair or service your machines, free of charge, during the warranty period. Prompt after sales service is an absolute priority at Fitness Factory and a response to any complaint is guaranteed within 48 hours. 

Expect professional and friendly service from sales to installation at Fitness Factory. With high profile clients such as DHA Creek Club, Sind Club and Karachi Gymkhana, expertise in installation and maintenance is second nature. Fitness Factory also creates and maintains complete gyms for clubs, top fitness centers and office/executive/factory gyms in Karachi.  

Let us introduce you to trouble free machines that will help you get fit and stay healthy. Visit Fitness factory's showroom, located in the prestigious Zamzama shopping area. 

Fitness Factory
6-C, 4th Commercial Lane, Zamzama 
Phase 5, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 587-8864 | E-mail:

Business Hours: Mon-Sat 11am- 8:30pm | Friday 4pm-8:30pm | Sundays Closed

Fitness equipment including treadmills, cycles, elliptical trainers, home gyms, exercise benches, free weights and much more.

Special Services:
Professional assembly, installation and delivery of top quality fitness machines. Mature and knowledgeable equipment advice and recommendations.

Modern Industrial

Accepts Credit Cards:

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Main Zamzama

What's New? Latest Model Treadmills 

What to Expect:
A casual friendly ambiance, knowledgeable advice from a mature staff, large selection, quality products with a warranty and after-sales service.



fitness-factory-interior-11.jpg (278162 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-2.jpg (284938 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior.jpg (339378 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-3.jpg (339403 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-7.jpg (283250 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-4.jpg (303044 bytes)

Fitness Factory

fitness-factory-interior-6.jpg (287410 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-5.jpg (255004 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-9.jpg (212358 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-8.jpg (223200 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-10.jpg (223916 bytes)

Fitness Factory


fitness-factory-interior-12.jpg (144281 bytes)

Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory, high quality treadmills, cycles, elliptical trainers, free weights, benches & yoga accessories.


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