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babyshop™, an upscale superstore for babies and children, features the largest selection of quality items for the discerning parent. As the leading regional retailer of children’s products, babyshop™ offers an elaborate collection of baby basics, nursery furniture, prams, toys and gifts, fashion clothing, accessories for new moms, strollers, baby-proofing items and much more. babyshop™ sources its products from the top manufacturing units from all over the world, making sure to uphold the quality, value and exceed expectations.

babyshop™ is part of the Landmark Group and is one of the largest retail chains in the GCC. It was established in 1973 in Bahrain and has over 100 stores in 10 countries including Bahrain, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Qatar and UAE. And with an average store size of 15,000 sq ft., there’s enough room to house a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of products.

The chain's international brands include Lee cooper, Barbie, Disney, Graco, Ferrari (cycles and car seats), Maclaren (Car Seats), Maui & Sons, Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Graco, Peg Perego, Cambrass and several others. babyshop™ also has its own in-house brand named Juniors. babyshop™ stores are located across the region including Pakistan.

babyshop™ has revolutionized retailing for children and mothers by understanding the needs and delivering products and services as per their requirement in a pleasant and fun filled environment. Its product range is divided into 4 distinct departments: baby basics, clothing, toys and nursery furniture.


This winter, children can relive their favourite winter memories with babyshop™’s multi-theme fashion collection. Stepping away from the mundane, the region’s leader in children’s wear and a one stop shop for parents, babyshop™ has launched an assortment of themes to suit kids from toddler hood to 8 years. Evoking scenes of skiing, snowboarding, snowballing and ice skating, parents and children can select from an array of looks this season including sporty, military, retro and romantic.

Lee Cooper’s collection “Little Willie”, named after the British prototype tanker or war machine has a military theme and is characterized by camouflage designs in dusty browns and patches of green and grey. Juniors’ versatile collection is characterized by classic vintage designs combined with the trendy athletic look. Its sporty trousers, knitted argyles teamed with caps and capes offer the complete look for this season. The “Barbie” collection creates the magic of romantic fairy tales. Its soft jerseys, polka and Swiss dots in pink and creamy chocolate shades contrast with majestic purples and glorious emerald accents makes every toddler look like a prince and princess. The “Free to Rock” theme from the leaders in beach wear from California, Maui and Sons, brings back the vintage look. Within this collection is the ‘Streaked Range’ that reflects an attitude of self confidence and modern sophistication.

While shades of wood, coppery tones dominate this collection to reflect the moody effects of harsh winters, some bright reds and yellows are evident for holiday wear. The colour palette also includes creamy chocolate shades, essential emeralds and majestic purples. Fabrics used are compact plain weaves retro checks, soft jerseys and punctured leathers.
Leading global sportswear brand Kappa’s “Chill Factor” collection designed especially for babyshop™ prepares the children this winter for ice-skating, snowboarding, skiing and ice sailing. Colours such as frosty blue, icy white, mossy tints, sheer pink along with snowflake and similar geometric prints provide the range a cool and trendy touch. This collection includes sporty trousers, slim fit pants, fleece and terry sweaters, experimental cuts and seams.

With all these various collections and many more, this winter babyshop™ offers children an opportunity to relive their previous joyful winter moments wearing the new collection from babyshop™ as well as other international brands that have teamed up with babyshop™ to design exclusive lines for children.


The babyshop™ CSF is a community driven program with a genuine concern for children’s safety at its very heart. One of the areas of concern is car safety where babyshop™ wishes to spread the message that seatbelts, child car safety seats and booster seats can save lives. Parents want the best for their children but statistics show they often unwittingly put them at risk when installing car seats in the family vehicle in the wrong way. Research indicates that a properly installed child car seat can help prevent up to 75 percent of injuries and deaths that result from vehicle collisions. Hence through this initiative, babyshop™ wishes to communicate to every parent and guardian to ensure that their children are properly secured in their child car safety seat.

As part of the effort, babyshop™’s safety booklet provides insights into the different kinds of car seats available and how these can be installed correctly in different vehicles having different interior designs. This renders easy the challenging task of proper installation. Graco, a global brand name manufacturing car seats has taken a lead in babyshop™’s CSF program this year.


Forget travel blues for holidays with kids as babyshop™, region’s leading retailer for kids wear and other items, launches a wide range of products that will address all your kids travel needs!

Get rid of mundane and browse through babyshop™`s exciting collection of travel comforts like travel cots, travel pillows, head supports, baby carriers and buggies that will ensure homely comfort for your little ones. Infant car seats, a must have for long distance car journeys are a plenty to spoil you for your choice.

Planning a trek trail? Look out for the perfect Baby Sling that will harness your baby with utmost safety, allowing you an adventurous trek trail! And if your little one is of age to join you in one, then check out the collection of nursery bags that will double as back packs! What's more! babyshop™ also offers a varied range of disposable cups, bowls, spoons, bottles and bibs designed to flavor your holiday mood.

Forget nappy changing woes as babyshop™ has a range of changing mats, nappy sacks, diaper bags, wet wipes and grooming sets to add a dab of freshness and make it a pleasurable experience for your child as well.

Travel items available at all babyshop™ outlets. This travel gear is designed to stop you worrying and get you excited for the perfect family outing!


The foundation of the Landmark Group is built on the philosophy that 'Customer comes first'. This philosophy has encouraged us to develop and live by the following values as an organization; Carefully listen. Constantly adapt. Always deliver.

On these three pillars, the Landmark Group continues to grow successfully by venturing into new markets, capturing greater market share and expanding into diverse categories. Driven by the vision of our management and the commitment of our staff the future looks brighter than ever before.

Micky Jagtiani


III Talwar, C.A. Avenue Road
Block 8 Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 3-586-4176/91 Info: 92-333-311-1022
Business Hours:  11am-11pm | FRIDAY 3pm-11pm
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Gulf Market

Block C, North Nazimabad
Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 
3-672-4258, 3-672-4259 Info: 92-333-311-1022
Business Hours: 11am-11pm | SUNDAYS 3pm-11pm
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Dolmen Mall Haidery

2nd Floor, Tariq Road
Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-21) 3-432-1079, 3-432-1080 Info: 92-333-311-1022
Business Hours:  11am-11pm | SUNDAYS 3pm-11pm
Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Dolmen Mall/ Tariq Road


: Products cater to the formative years of a child (from 0 to 8 years) as well as the mother's needs. babyshop™’s product range is divided into 5 distinct departments: baby basics, clothing, toys, shoes and nursery furniture. All products are sourced internationally from the best suppliers. In addition, products are of current season and include an international guarantee.

babyshop™ offers an impressive variety of products for babies and children including:


Clothing & Shoes


Toys & Gifts


Strollers, Walkers & Highchairs


Nursery Furniture


Baby-Proofing Items


Accessories for new moms


Johnson's Products & Diapers

Product Brands: International leading brands such as Juniors, Fisher Price, Avent, Graco, JSP, Fisher Price, Nuby, Pampers, Johnson's and more.

Services: babyshop™ has revolutionized retailing for children and mothers by understanding the needs and delivering high quality products and services in a pleasant and fun filled environment with international standards of customer service.

Special Services: Products can be delivered FOC country wide.

Modern Amenities: Elevators, Mother's Room, Changing Room, Handicap Access

Ambiance: Modern, Professional & Organized

Exchange Policy: Unused items may be exchanged within 2 weeks.

Smoking Policy: No smoking allowed in the stores

Credit Cards Accepted
: Yes, all major credit cards

Gift Certificates Available: Yes, available in denominations of Rs. 500

Other Locations in Pakistan:
1 store in Mall of Lahore

Total Number of Branches Worldwide:

Official Website:

Special Offers:
Discounts offered with certain major credits issued by participating banks. Please inquire within for more information.

What's New?
Gifts baskets for different occasions such as Baby Showers, Birthdays & more.

What to Expect: An international superstore stocked with an extensive collection of fashionable and high quality items for babies, children and new moms. A relaxed, upscale and pleasant shopping experience.

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babyshop™ high quality clothing, toys, gifts, strollers, and much more for babies and children in Karachi, Pakistan. Copyright ©


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